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What could we do

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1 What could we do on Tue Oct 27, 2015 1:46 pm


I just talked with a friend, her daughter is entering teenager years. She shared with me several stories about her daughter with so much frustration. One of the stories is about her unexpected pregnancy. Her younger daughter (8 years old) would not have any problem with the news but the older one (at 11 years old) seems not so happy. The mother has noticed the change in her daughter and she thought that's the tactics she uses to get attention. One day, this girl told her mother that "I want to read books for you and the baby as well" as her little sister offered to read book for the mother and the baby and she has been reading books for them. The mother said "it's ok, I would love that too. However, since your younger sister is reading for me at this time already, you may want to talk with her to see if you can share which chapter you will read". She got so upset and said that "you don't want to listen to my stories, there is no other time." She refused to continue talking with her mother about the topic but keeping her upset face for days after that.
What do you think this mother could have done differently? Is there anything that she can do now to fix this problem?

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